Product Specs

Products currently using:

Excalibur 3900 Food Dehydrator:

Since I am 50-something, the eye sight isn’t what it used to be plus having my dehydrator sitting on my dishwasher and me being 5″4′ and can’t, even on my tip toes, see the dial, here’s the dial.  I not only took a picture of it, I’ve printed it out on a post card and have it on my wall.  For those of you that may be in my situation, here’s the dial.

Written out for you:

Drying Guide:

Herbs – 95f / 35c

Living Foods – 105f / 41c

Raising Bread – 110f / 43c

Making Yogurt – 115f / 46c

Vegetables – 125f / 52c

Fruits / Fruit Rolls – 135f / 57c

Meats / Fish – 155f / 68c

Jerky – 155f/ 68c

Other Items I use

Black & Decker 1300 Food Processor:

The food processor I’ve had for years!  Hardly ever used it and even had it at 2 or 3 yard sales.  Obviously, never sold.  Since buying my dehydrator, I’ve pulled it out of the garage, cleaned it up and will be using it.

More to come…


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