Dehydrating Papaya

Many years ago, I learned that Papaya was good for digestion and an upset stomach.  I remember buying them like a bottle of  vitamins or Tums.

Since going through the change, I’ve dealt with stomach issues and since purchasing my dehydrator have been wanting to get my hands on some.

It’s kind-of embarrassing to admit but, I had no idea what a Papaya looked like!  So when shopping, I didn’t know what I was looking for!!  HA!

Today at Sams, they had Papaya’s for $3.95.  Couldn’t believe it – Snatched it up.

The texture of a Papaya is similar to Honeydew Mellon and the seeds inside do actually look like pepper.

Reading up on the time/prep for them, I learned that you can save the seeds, dehydrate them too and grind them down as a meat tenderizer.  Just like pepper.  Amazing!

(Did you notice I didn’t peel it?  Peel it first!)

Yes.  The seeds in there too.

One place says 12 – 15 hours and another says 12 – 24 hours.  So, I’m just going to leave them in all night and see what we have in the morning.  I’m sure they’ll be fine.

As far as I know there’s no such thing of over-dehydrating –  Only under-dehydrating.

Just checked them.  They’re doing great.

Update 12/30:

After 16 hours they are complete… seeds and all.

When they were cooling before going into the jar, Mike chewed one of the seeds and said they do taste a little like pepper.  Go figure.  Looking forward to marinating some meat with ground papaya pepper.

Now to receive my new mill.  Tomorrow would be nice but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t until Monday (boo hoo)… you’ll be the first to know!

Update 1/3/2011:

Just read yesterday that you should steam Papaya and Pineapples before dehydrating!

I’ll have to purchase another, steam it before dehydrating and see / taste  the difference.

I’ll let you know!

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