Chicken Pasta Salad

My plan for dinner was Pepperoni Pizza.

By 4pm I hadn’t made the dough,  so had to come up with something else.

This is the type of dinner I live off in the summer.

Since I’ve started (very small start) stocking up on some can goods, I took out a can of Chicken, box of pasta and about a cup of frozen broccoli.  As the broccoli was steaming and the noodles cooking, I mixed the mayo and vinegar.

A couple of weeks ago I had bought a package of these really good garlic rolls.  They were huge and after a couple we kind of got tired of them.

I put them in the freezer but then decided to cut them up to make croutons.  BEST croutons ever!

After everything was mixed together, I put a couple of handfuls on the pasta salad.

I was so hungry, forgot to take a picture of our dressed up, last-minute dinner.

Came out really tasty and even Mike liked it.  Was expecting ‘the look’ because he’s a Meat & Potatoes man through-n-through.  But to my surprise, he saw it in the fridge and said it looked real good… and it really was.


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