Florida’s Frost

Talk about food prices going higher. Well now, Florida’s below zero temps will add to that in the next week or so.

Today, I went to my farmers market to pick up some oranges to dehydrate.

They seemed a little small but beautiful orange color. I bought three bags. Each bag had 6 in them for $1 each.

So home I went with my 18 oranges, two small bags of sweet potatoes (also $1 each), one package of baby carrots (both that I will also dehydrate tomorrow) and salad stuff for dinner tonight.

They smell so good!

I pulled out my apple slicer/corer/peeler hoping to slice nice even pieces, but unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t ‘slice only’. Yes, I did look through the manual several times but I think I’ll just do an online search. Just can’t imagine that you can’t just slice!  I’ll have to purchase a slicer so I do end up with consistent slices & equal drying time.

So I pulled out my knife that I usually slice my bread with because it’s the only one that I know for sure is stainless steel. (Reason being that in a few videos I’ve watched it’s mentioned that anything other than stainless steel will make your fruit discolor). These oranges are too pretty to mess up just because of a knife.

Out of the 17 oranges (minus one I ate), I filled 4 trays.  Oranges take approximately 12 hours?  I’ll be back with the exact time it takes when finished.

Now the ends I’m wondering if they can be dehydrated for orange peel that a recipe might call for?  Another search!  (I’m sure I could grind the dried peel down as powder also)… once I purchase a grinder!!

Tomorrow I’m going to do the sweet potatoes and baby carrots.


One Comment to “Florida’s Frost”

  1. I met a woman on the bus the other day who runs an organic food restaurant. She mentioned dehydrating orange peels.

    After cooking for a private dinner party, where I normally would have discarded the orange peels (used in sear-roasted halibut with orange salsa), I packed up the rinds and brought them home.

    Cutting them up into chunks, I dehydrated for 15 hours, then pulverized them in my cuisinart food processor.

    The power was wonderful and subtle in the scones I made today. So many recipes I want to try them in. Thanks for your great ideas.

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