Today’s Dehydrating Plans

Plan the plan, not the outcome!

Since the other day I planned on doing Strawberry banana roll-ups (not sure where I thought I was getting strawberries in December) and didn’t. Today my plan was to dehydrate bananas that I purchased the other day along with trying my hand at blueberry yogurt roll-ups.

After making my plans, I was reminded that I am meeting a girlfriend for breakfast and this evening a jewelry demonstration at 7pm.

Because I like putting my food in early, around 6:30am, this seemed to throw a wrench into my plans, but no. I’ll do breakfast and come back to start my food.

The bananas were pretty green when I purchased them @ 3 Lbs / $1.49. Today, they’re looking ready. In the meantime, I’ve purchased lemon juice and found a restaurant store supplier close-by where I bought three serving trays and a sprayer to put into my bottle of lemon juice to spray my fruit so they don’t turn brown on me.

The roll-ups and bananas both get set on 135f. The roll-ups take approximately 6 hours and the bananas 8 hours. I want to put them both in at the same time.

The reason being, the other day my blueberries took forever. After reading further, it may have had something to do with putting lemons in several hours after the blueberries and frozen veggies. I’m not sure, but what I read was try not to put things in later because the moisture from the latter, may be absorbed. Makes sense to me and thought I’d incorporate better planning right from the start.

My hope is to video what I do, but unfortunately, I’m unable right now to find my battery charger for my camera which is dead!  Prayers have been in to St. Anthony several times to help me find it.  He always comes through for me!


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